Rabu, 11 September 2013


Conversation between a Husband (H) and a Psychologist (P):

P : What do you do for a living Mr. Bandy?
H : I work as an Accountant in a Bank.

P : Your Wife ?
H : She doesn't work. She's a Housewife only.

P : Who makes breakfast for your family in the morning?
H : My Wife, because she doesn't work.

P : At what time does your wife wake up for making breakfast?
H : She wakes up at around 5 am because she cleans the house first before making breakfast.

P : How do your kids go to school?
H : My wife takes them to school, because she doesn't work.

P : After taking your kids to school, what does she do?
H : She goes to the market, then goes back home for cooking and laundry. You know, she doesn't work.

P : In the evening, after you go back home from office, what do you do?
H : Take rest, because i'm tired due to all day works.

P : What does your wife do then?
H : She prepares meals, serving our kids, preparing meals for me and cleaning the dishes, cleaning the house then taking kids to bed.

Whom do you think works more, from the story above???

The daily routines of your wives commence from early morning to late night. That is called 'DOESN'T WORK'??!!

Yes, Being Housewives do not need Certificate of Study, even High Position, but their ROLE/PART is very important!

Appreciate your wives. Because their sacrifices are uncountable. This should be a reminder and reflection for all of us to understand and appreciate each others roles.

All about a WOMAN ....
* When she is quiet, millions of things are running in her mind.

* When she stares at you, she is wondering why she loves you so much in spite of being taken for granted.

* When she says I will stand by you, she will stand by you like a rock.

Never hurt her or take her wrong or for granted...

Forward to every woman to make her smile and to every man to make him realize a woman's worth...!!!

Salam Sayang,

Terima Kasih Sudi Komen Dan Follow Sini

4 ulasan:

Tetamu Istimewa berkata...

Assalamualaikum, singgah dan follow di sini. Jemput ke blog saya pula ya.

S.K.A berkata...

he3..cam lpaskn geram je entri ni =) Isteri ni mmg xdinafikn byk pengorbanannya..krja yg dibuat pn bnyak..pasti ada yg mghargai, lebih elok kalau bt sma2..sy ni bujang..semua krja 2 sy bt..stkat ni ok la..Alhamdulillah..mgkin ada ank nnti terasa cbarannya

Ibu Arif berkata...

@Tetamu Istimewa wslm.. InsyaAllah... =)

Ibu Arif berkata...

@S.K.Ahehe..bukn lepskn geram.. tp rs2nya, ni kenyataan.. btul x? zaman skrg sush nk jmpa lelaki yg blh buat keje sama2... klu SKA skrg blh buat, t dh khwn n ada anak.. teruskn yer... kna saling bantu membntu =)

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